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We did the traditional thing.

He worked a corporate job. I worked a corporate job and moved up the ladder.

Even went back to school a couple of times to get a diploma, a degree and a master's. Total life-long learner over here.

But then despite all the plans we had our lives changed. In fact, it changed so quickly that I felt like the floor caved in right under me.

Not even a year into our marriage, half-way through finishing my master's degree I was suddenly without a job.

So I had to leave the corporate world behind and figure out how to turn my side-hustle into a full-time gig way ahead of the schedule I had set for myself. 

Now with his support I work from home creating content, strategies and marketing plans for business owners just like you.

on a pipe dream and a leap of faith in a time of utter chaos

our businesses were founded

We couldn't be more opposite if we tried.

He's a foodie. I forget to eat, but I love to cook for others. 

I'm the entrepreneur. He's a traditional career kinda guy.

I love Disney. He's kinda meh about it.

I don't have math skills beyond money. He doesn't have an artsy bone in his body.

They say opposites attract. We did. And now we put our strengths together to create a well rounded life we love to tackle every challenge together.

we're craig & vanessa shepherd

a husband and wife living in Canada

Jeremy graduated from the University of Florida with a degree in Building and Construction. Megan has 7 years experience running a design firm.

Jeremy has worked in residential construction, mortgage sales, and commercial real estate brokerage. Megan's work has been nationally published in print and online from Southern Weddings to Style Me Pretty and The Celebration Society Magazine.

Together, we purchase and flip residential investment rental properties.

We understand every facet of what makes a home. 

we understand real estate

from construction to design

Three babies in and we get it: Life is gonna happen. Messes will be made.

We design with your family in mind. From full renovations to interior styling, every last detail we produce is intentionally created for you to love living in your space.

We specialize in a bright and clean aesthetic, but we aren't afraid of color that pops. We love mixing old treasures with new finds to create a truly unique space for you to call home.

Ready to work with us? You can learn more about what we do here!

and take a fresh approach on design

stunning style for everyday living

we were together. i forget the rest.

- walt whitman

I've always had a huge heart for helping others and making things. My first business venture was a DIY-inspired one that went without a name or any formal structure right up until 2016 when I branded it Social Stampers. 

I started my second side-hustle in 2011 taking marketing contracts for businesses in Canada. I eventually named it She's Got Vision.

And this beautiful website is my home on the Internet for sharing all the deets that sound way less geeky than me blogging about Pinterest and social media strategies. 

My entrepreneurial spirit is super strong and it has pulled me in a zillion different directions. I love it! 

While I miss working in a corporate office and all the perks that come with it, I love getting to work closely with talented people who have a heart for sharing their zones  of genius with others. And I absolutely love getting to own my zone of genius too. 

I'm so very grateful to have the support of my husband as I navigate the waters of full-time entrepreneurial life and figuring out how to keep on generating a consistent income for our family.

We get through the challenges together, and we make our life work by working hard all year long and taking a break when we need it.

Being there for each other has gotten us through some tough times, but it's what makes our life work so very well too. 

That sense of balance we've found and sharing things we love, like travel, movies, gardening and DIY, makes each busy day worth it all the more.

I can't wait to see where the years ahead take us and the challenges we'll overcome together.

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